ICGSIR 2016, the First International Conference on Green Sustainable Road Industry in  Cairo, Egypt aims at bringing interested ministries
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Conference Topics
Green transportation
Greener Transport System in Egypt
Energy Efficient Modes of Transport and Cleaner Energy
Tools for greener transport
New Technological Transportation Solutions
Improved Public Transport
Innovative Materials and Techniques for Roads
Paving and Construction by using
Solid wastes as construction and demolition industrial wastes
in road construction and paving, both flexible and rigid.
Both industrial wastes and demolition in road accessories as
barriers,sidewalk and edging.
Recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) both in curing and in road
paving as cold mix asphalt.
Alternative solutions for road paving especially for both medium and low traffic volume
Using local polymers in road paving.
Using interlock in road paving.
Composite sandwich pavement.
Alternative solutions for road paving especially for both hot and cold weather.
concrete Road for parking lot.
Roller compacted concrete pavement (RCC).
Porous concrete for roads .
Road maintenance and repair by using economic solutions through local wastes.
Innovative materials and mixes for construction and paving roads to isolate sound and Temperature for energy saving.
Management of green roads.